B & T at Work  - Responsible Waste Management in London B & T at Work  - Responsible Waste Management in London
   Westminster Kingsway College    Ackroydon East TMO    Mark Pohl, Partner, Internal Solutions.

The Estates & Facilities Dept, Westminster Kingsway College, has been using B&T@Work for building clearance and waste disposal since 2005.

In this time B&T@Work has worked on the clearance of number of buildings in preparation for disposal, and been responsible for the waste disposal at one of our centres.

It is because B&T@Work take seriously their responsibilities as a waste disposal company,

are very reliable and economic in their approach to our requirements we have awarded the company the contract for waste disposal at the college’s prestigious new, 16,000m2, centre at Gray’s Inn.

Sean Lavan

Estates & Facilities Manager


It is with great pleasure that I recommend B&T@work who have carried out works for this organization for approximately 3 years.

B&T@work has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, In addition to there excellent scholastic accomplishments, B&T@work have proven there leadership ability time and time again by helping the less fortunate and diverse groups within the community, always putting the needs of their clients first, which has earned them the respect and popularity amongst all Ackroydon East residents and staff.

What ever task has been undertaken by BT@work has been executed to the highest standard with impeccable precision.

BT@work is very dependable company with good judgment and mature outlook; ensuring a logical and practical approach to their endeavors.

B&T@work would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement.

Lloyd Newell

Repairs & Maintenance Manager

Ackroydon East TMO

“We have found B&T@Work to be extremely efficient and reliable, as such we have used them constantly and they have always come when arranged”….”They have provided us with a very friendly service and helpful attitude that has made finishing our jobs a lot easier”

   Bartholomews   T Sneath, Sneaths of London Ltd.    Jamb

We have used the above company to collect and dispose of waste from commercial office premises we manage in Wandsworth,
London SW18 on a weekly basis for over 5 years and have always found their service to be reliable and prompt. We have no hesitation in recommending their services.

In accordance with our usual practise, this reference is given in confidence and without any liability whatsoever attaching to this firm or the undersigned.

Yours Faithfully

Colin Davies

Property manager

“We have been using B&T@Work for several years, to clear rubbish from our sites and are extremely pleased with their quick and polite service”

Jamb has been working with B&T @ Work for over 3 years now. B&T have been responsible for the removal and disposal of all our waste. They have carried out this work efficiently and reliably.

Having cleared all waste they consistently leave the site in a clean an tidy state. In instances when we have needed assistance quickly or had excessive volumes, they have always been able to help in a timely fashion.

In terms of administration B&T have always been easy to communicate with and have provided all necessary documentation when required.

Yours faithfully

Craig Westaway


Copyright © B&T at Work 2009 

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